Strengthening older children in the juvenile system

Through the Juvenile Community Justice program (JCJ), older children with a criminal history are offered community-based prevention and treatment services—preparing them for a stronger future.

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african american teen girl listens to program officer in her treatment class

Promoting a better future

When west Michigan’s court systems order someone in the juvenile system to participate in this program, Bethany and other local partners step in to provide services designed to help them thrive.

We assist these children in order to:

  • Reduce or eliminate their tendency to commit another crime
  • Improve their academic performance
  • Promote a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle
  • Develop employment skills
  • Increase relationship skills through mentors

FAQs about Juvenile Community Justice

How does a child enter JCJ?

The court conducts a comprehensive evaluation for each child being considered for this program. They then present recommendations for the child’s treatment plan, at which point the judge makes the final decision.

How is Bethany involved in this process?

When a child is placed into JCJ under Bethany’s care, we implement their individual treatment plan in cooperation with their probation officer, group leader, and others involved in the teen’s care.

Help youth build a stronger future

Are you interested in helping the children in this program? Consider volunteering or becoming a foster parent.

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