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Praying for the Afghan People

August 16, 2021

Following the Taliban’s seizure of the Afghan capital of Kabul, Bethany Christian Services once again urges the Biden Administration to evacuate Afghan allies who served with U.S. forces and international aid organizations as well as religious minorities and human rights defenders. Bethany laments that many may be left behind and prays for their protection:

“The world is watching a catastrophic humanitarian disaster unfold in Afghanistan,” says Chris Palusky, President & CEO of Bethany Christian Services. “More than two decades ago, I lived in Afghanistan as a humanitarian worker under Taliban rule. I also lived and worked in Afghanistan after the Taliban fell and the Afghan people tasted freedom for the first time. In many ways, words fail because I know what life is like under the Taliban. I lament that many of our allies will be left stranded, that Afghan citizens – especially women and girls – will lose their rights, that Christians and other religious minorities will face intense persecution, and that our nation wasn’t better prepared to offer Afghan refugees a safe place to live. I also have faith in a God who cares deeply about every person he created and am praying for God’s protection.”

Since 2015, Bethany has resettled nearly 250 Afghan refugees and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) recipients, including children who fled Afghanistan without their families and translators who helped the U.S. military. Bethany is ready and able to resettle more Afghan refugees and SIV recipients.

“Thousands of Afghans risked their lives to assist our military as translators, drivers, and in other support roles. They faithfully supported the U.S. mission for decades, and we promised not to leave them behind,” Palusky continues. “They and many other human rights defenders, Christians, and journalists face persecution and death if America leaves Afghanistan without them. The dire situation they and their families face grows every minute they remain in Afghanistan. We must not abandon them. Breaking our promise would be a stain that history books won’t soon forget.”

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