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Explore adoption costs and financial solutions

The financial cost of adoption can be confusing to navigate. Find clarity and discover your options for financial support.

Explore adoption costs and financial solutions

The financial cost of adoption can be confusing to navigate. Find clarity and discover your options for financial support.

Financial coaching

We understand the difficulties in funding your adoption. That’s why we partner with Your Adoption Finance Coach to help you create your personalized financial plan.

FAQs about adoption costs

What can I expect to pay for adoption?

While adoption costs vary by state, you may find that the bottom line is less than you think. This is especially the case when you consider the adoption tax credit, employer benefits, and other sources of aid, including adoption grants.

Are there tax incentives available?

Yes! The adoption tax credit was established in 1997 to help offset the cost of adoption. This credit applies to nearly all types of adoption (the exception is step-parent adoption). But it’s important to understand the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit:

  • A tax deduction reduces the amount of income on which the government bases your taxes.
  • A tax credit is the amount deducted from the taxes you owe.

Bethany cannot give tax advice, so be sure to consult your tax advisor about the availability of any government tax credit (state or federal) and how that credit may benefit you.

Are there any fees to be aware of?

While the cost of adopting a child from foster care who lives in your state is often free, you can’t forget about the physical and emotional costs. Most children who have been separated from their families and spent time in foster care have experienced trauma. Plan to dedicate resources to getting your child the help they need to heal from the past and build toward a healthy future.

I heard foster care adoption is free. Is that true?

Adoption fees will include a court-filing fee ($186 per child) and a fee for a new birth certificate ($50 per child) to complete the adoption—but these fees can be reimbursed. Other common reimbursable expenses include out-of-pocket cost for the parents to take a physical, a background check, and travel (up to $2,000 for mileage and lodging) for visitations when adopting a child in another part of the state.

Do costs change when adopting a child in foster care from another state?

Adopting out-of-state through foster care costs about $10,000. Costs will include a home study, court fees, and post-placement services.

Is there help for expenses incurred after foster care adoption?

Most children adopted through foster care will qualify for ongoing Medicaid. If your adopted child would benefit from counseling or therapy, they may be eligible for a certain number of sessions per year. Some states—including Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, and California—have programs to provide additional post-adoption support.

Where can I find a grant or loan?

Contact us to speak with an adoption specialist about grant and loan options, plus other financing resources.

What other cost-saving opportunities are out there?

Check with your employer about adoption benefits that may be offered through your workplace. Also, if you are an active duty personnel in the military, you can qualify for grants and subsidies toward adoption.

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Finances should never be a barrier to families who want to adopt a child. Learn about grants and other resources that can offset costs.

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Get detailed costs for adoption

Adoption costs can vary by state of region. For a detailed list of costs, contact your nearest Bethany branch.

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