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Remembering God’s wonders and works

As part of the Year of the Bible, we hope you’ll enjoy our seventh devotional, focused on remembering God’s goodness.

Talking to Children About Racism Part 3: Movements for Change

As parents, how do we help our children understand what is happening in our communities and around the world? This webinar provides practical suggestions and concrete strategies for caregivers to navigate today’s complicated social landscape with their kids


We are called to come together

As part of the Year of the Bible, we hope you’ll enjoy our sixth devotional, focused on our role to preserve the good in our world.

Talking to Children About Racism Part 2: Exploring White Privilege a Q&A Session

If you can relate to any of the following sentiments, this webinar is for you. • ‘My kids have very few opportunities to interact with people that don’t look like them. I'm ashamed to admit this truth. How do I teach them tangible ways to be open, loving, and accepting of everyone when they really only see people who look like them?’ • ‘How do I, a white person, talk to my multi-racial children about the realities of the racial injustices they will face?’ • ‘Why do I need to talk my kids about this at all?’


Action Alert: Proposed rule would dismantle U.S. asylum protections

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice proposed a new rule that would effectively dismantle the protections for those seeking asylum in the U.S. as our laws permit.

Talking to Children About Racism Part 1: Civil Unrest - A Q&A session

We hosted a live webinar, featuring a panel of individuals with diverse lived experiences. This interactive event equipped participants on how to approach topics like racism, police brutality, and civil unrest with their children.


Every Child, Everywhere

Ten years of global family preservation work in Ethiopia has shaped how Sebilu Bodja sees his roles—as Bethany's director of Africa operations and as a dad.

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