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Talking to Children About Racism Part 4: Becoming an Anti-Racist Family

September 28, 2020

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At Bethany, we're committed to speaking out about the individual, systemic, and institutional racism in our country that causes people from diverse races, nations, and cultures to not be treated like they are uniquely made in the image of their Creator.

Author Ibram X. Kendi said “It’s not enough to not be racist, you have to be anti-racist.” But what does that mean? What are practical ways for you and your family to be anti-racist? In order for us to truly become anti-racist families, we need a greater understanding of how common stereotypes inform our beliefs. These beliefs lead to biases that often breed racism. The work to dismantle racism begins first with us parents. Through this session, we’ll unpack the differences between stereotypes, biases, and racism in order to become an actively anti-racist family. This interactive webinar will provide practical suggestions and concrete strategies for caregivers to navigate today’s complicated social landscape with their kids.


Kimberly Offutt, National Director of Family Engagement and Support


Candyce Mayers, Social Work Supervisor Donna Nicholson, Senior Director of Maternal & Infant Health and Clinical Services Rachel Willis, VP of Regional Operations Yesenia Fermin, Executive Director NJ/NY/CT

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