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Self-care for social workers

Yesenia Fermin, Bethany’s director of culture and belonging offers 4 ways social workers can build resilience—and why it matters for self-care.

Finding a lasting family

Through Safe Families for Children, Lisa found a lasting family and support network.


God sets the lonely in families

The Safe Families for Children model engages families, churches, and local governments to support families in crisis and keep them together.

Finding family during COVID-19

When parents are going through a crisis, volunteer Host Families offer loving care to parents, watching over their children while the parents regain stability. For Rena, it meant finding family in the face of a global pandemic.

Pregnant and struggling with medical issues, Ashley finds answers

When a woman is pregnant and doesn’t know where to turn, she can always connect with Bethany. We help expectant parents every year—of all ages and backgrounds—and empower them to make a plan. Only they can make the decision, but they don’t have to make it alone.

Finding my lasting family

When parents like Lisa face situations beyond their control, their children can become vulnerable to neglect or abuse. Lisa wanted her boys to have a healthier and happier childhood than what she experienced.

A helping hand to raise two little boys

When Brijon found out she was pregnant with twins at age 18, she didn’t know where to turn. Learn how she received support to parent her boys.

Sharing our crib with children in need

Chris and Kate reflect on the many children who have slept in their crib – including those whose parents were in crisis.

A whole new world

When Kashonder found herself homeless and unable to provide for her children, Safe Families hosts stepped in to care for her kids while she finished her nursing degree.

Rising from the ashes to build a stronger family

When a fire demolished her home, Princess leaned on a Host Family to care for her children while she got back on her feet.

Your support changes lives