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Bethany's 5 corporate values

At Bethany Christian Services, our culture is driven by five core values.


A "Rayah" sunshine: An open adoption story

Kimberly and the Shabans build an incredible open adoption relationship.


A new family after the accident

After her son's devastating accident, Sandra decided to become a foster parent for teenage boys.


Incredible love through infant adoption

An unexpected pregnancy and an inability to birth a child led to an incredible open adoption relationship.


Finding a lasting family

Through Safe Families for Children, Lisa found a lasting family and support network.


4 ways to love God by loving our neighbors

Bethany leaders share foundational values for authentic hospitality.

Family sponsorship success story: The Djanie family

Once struggling to sell petty goods in the outdoor markets of Ghana, the Djanie family now has a thriving business and can send Michael to one of Accra’s best schools.

In my worst moments, my family had my back

When her marriage and her world fell apart in one day, Bobbi’s family came through in every way so she and her children could be together.

It’s time to do better for kids and parents in foster care

In a conversation between Chris Palusky, Bethany’s President and CEO, and Corey Best, an award-winning child welfare reform advocate and a father, we’re invited to learn about how the child welfare system can be improved.

Talking to Children About Racism Part 4: Becoming an Anti-Racist Family

Through this session, we’ll unpack the differences between stereotypes, biases, and racism in order to become an actively anti-racist family. This interactive webinar will provide practical suggestions and concrete strategies for caregivers to navigate today’s complicated social landscape with their kids

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