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Mental health is as essential as the air we breathe

Mental health support is foundational to every service and program Bethany offers to protect children, empower youth, and strengthen families with an impact that lasts.

“We’re making a safe place for somebody who wasn’t safe.”

Inspired by their faith, Anne and Jerry open their home to be a temporary, welcoming space until children can be reunited with their families.


"They're like my family now."

After fleeing danger in Afghanistan, Amir's foster family helped him begin a new journey.


Tanks and foreign troops stretched across the horizon—war had come

We're living through the worst refugee crisis the world has ever seen. Worldwide more than 100 million people have been forced from their homes by violence, poverty, persecution, or natural disasters. Almost half of them are children. Let's choose to act. Let's choose to do something.

Neighbors start refugee co-sponsorship group, welcome Afghan family

Refugee co-sponsorship provides support to newcomers and strengthens the community.

Refugee foster parents step up to help Afghan teens feel safe, loved, and connected

Short-term immigrant foster care parents open home to Afghan teens

Two sisters and a child with special needs seek refuge in Colombia

In their home country of Venezuela, sisters Yenire and Becsy couldn’t access the necessary medications for young Rachel’s convulsions. As any parent would, they took every possible action to keep Rachel healthy, but eventually decided that seeking refuge in neighboring Colombia was the only choice.


The journey of a refugee family

When violence forces a family to flee their home to a neighboring country, their world is turned upside down. Discover the journey of a family resettling in the U.S.


"We're called to help"

For Marla and Robert, short-term immigrant foster care is an opportunity to be a part of the solution to the crisis of immigrant children coming across the border without their parents.


On the streets of Bogotá

With no way to pay rent, Jeidi and her kids were evicted. As they wandered hungry through the streets of Bogotá, Jeidi couldn't see the future anymore.

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