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2 years after the Afghanistan withdrawal: How can I help?

Co-sponsors meet the needs of refugees and help them thrive within their new communities.

Here, you can just be a kid

Bilingual couple recognizes the importance of laughter and play in providing short-term immigrant foster care.

Landlord sees renting to refugees as "investing globally"

Shoni is a landlord who is passionate about providing a safe home for refugee tenants. With multiple properties, Shoni rents to refugees because she views investing in them as an opportunity to invest globally.


"What are you going to leave behind?"

When Cesar and Alexia saw news reports of unaccompanied children housed in detention center cages, they were moved to become short-term immigrant foster parents. Over a year a half, they’ve provided a temporary home to more than 60 children from nearly a dozen Central and South American countries.


"Somehow, I want to give back"

Motivated by their own immigrant experiences, Sarah and Mario live out their faith by welcoming refugee and immigrant children into their home. As short-term immigrant foster parents, they provide a safe, temporary home for children waiting to be reunified with their family in the U.S.


"There's always a light"

Days after Colombian guerrillas killed Jeidi’s brother-in-law, they threatened her. Jeidi was forced to gather her children and flee her hometown. She arrived in Bogota “empty handed, unprotected, and without a dream.”


"When you choose family, some pretty cool things can happen"

Silas and Hannah’s first parenting experience has been caring for a Guatemalan girl through long-term immigrant foster care. In this video, learn how the couple saw the migration crisis as an opportunity to make an impact in a child’s life, what it takes to be a foster parent to an immigrant child, and how their faith motivates them to love their neighbor.


Showing welcome to an Afghan teen

Anna and Chuliang became licensed as foster parents just as the withdrawal from Afghanistan began in 2021. They welcomed an Afghan teen into their family shortly after. In this video, Anna and Chuliang share the special bond between their son, Henry, age 4, and their foster teen. Chuliang also shares how his experience as an immigrant from China informs their parenting.


Landlord shares inspiration, benefits of renting to refugees

From Kenya to Kalamazoo, landlord shares her journey to renting exclusively to refugees.

“We will always be family”

Moved by the migration crisis and motivated by their faith, a young couple becomes foster parents to a Guatemalan girl.

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