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Church warmly welcomes refugees, encourages others to join “really rewarding work”

More than 45 years ago, Church of the Servant asked a simple question: How can we get to know the neighbors in our city?


I needed safety

When José fled violence in South America, he knew education was his path forward in the U.S.


Not in it for the extra credit

Church shares heart, history, and opportunities for serving refugees and encourages others to welcome newcomers.

“We have to be good neighbors and help.”

Drawing from his faith and experience as an asylum seeker, Pastor Sepa serves refugee families in his community.

“I won't give up on you”

Resettling refugees takes time and funding, but the rewards are priceless.

3 reasons to hire refugees

Refugees bring expertise, loyalty, and diversity to the workplace.


Widening your circle during the holidays: 4 ways to include refugees

Refugees desire community and connection, especially during the holidays. Discover four ways to serve refugees.

Church leaders: God is bringing people to us

In this video, the couple shares misconceptions about refugees, the joys of being in community with their new friends, and how simply asking, “Who is my neighbor?” and “How do I love them?” can lead to authentic, meaningful relationships with people from another part of the world.


“God, show me the way to help.”

A serious injury left Matilde feeling helpless and without direction. Learn how Matilde has found joy and purpose by caring for refugee and immigrant children.


Little Orange Scooter shares benefits of hiring refugee women

Little Orange Scooter is a small sewing business with a big heart for refugee women. Hear from this employer as she shares the reasons why refugee women make great hires, bringing strong skillsets, dependability, and joy to the workplace.

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