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6 ways to look out for your kids when you're fostering

Our kids saw foster care as exciting—Yay! A new brother or sister!—but they soon realized there was more to it than that. Our life as a family flipped upside down with each new placement, so we followed these guidelines to make sure our kids were not overwhelmed.

Preparing your kids to become a foster family

Talk honestly with your children about what foster care is and how having another child in your home will affect them.

Welcome is in our DNA

Church ministries should be making it evident that all are welcome and cared for—including foster families.


Families helping families

Too many families are one crisis away from disaster. And single parents who don’t have a strong support system are particularly vulnerable. As Safe Families volunteers, Jim and Carol have seen the difference it makes when families can build a network of support.


Be someone's extended family

Most of us could call on on friends or family to help if we faced a crisis. But too many families don't have this network of support. And when parents are vulnerable, their kids are too.


What do strong families need to thrive?

Strong families need what we all need—to be safe, loved, and connected. Especially in difficult times. Five protective factors contribute to stronger families.

Finding Francisca's family

Follow Isaac Agyei, a dedicated caseworker in Ghana. His unwavering commitment to reuniting children, like 8-year-old Francisca, with their families is strengthening families and protecting children.


Families should remain together whenever it's safe to do so.


Finding light in the darkness

Through Bethany's family preservation and empowerment program, Gifty helps her family thrive.


Parent Cafés: We're all in this together

When parents are isolated without community, they miss an essential element their children need to thrive: connection. Parent Cafés are a growing movement to give parents the support they need for their families to grow stronger.

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