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Ethiopian families and alternative family-based care

In response to the worldwide orphan crisis, we connect children in need with families in their country of origin.

We need more mentors for California’s kids in foster care

Born into foster care to a mother in prison, Dr. Kay Ramsey faced numerous challenges. Against all odds, she has become an incredible advocate for the power of mentorship.

Fighting the foster care crisis in Philadelphia

Every day, children in Philadelphia pack their most treasured items, leave their homes, and enter the foster care system. You might read these statistics and wonder: “What can one person do?”

Reunited under one roof

After her three children were placed in foster care, Shaquita worked toward reunification.

A new family after the accident

After a tragedy, a mother and son created a remarkable home for teen boys.

From zero intentions to 100 kids in care

They never saw it coming, but now they can’t imagine their lives without the children they foster.

Reunification: The goal of foster care

The first goal of foster care is always to reunify children with their parents in a safe and stable environment.

How to become a foster parent

Discover answers to many of your questions about becoming a foster parent and preparing for your first placement.

Adjusting your expectations about foster care

While we don’t want to talk you out of becoming a foster parent, we want you to set realistic expectations for what foster parenting is like.

Breaking the cycle

Devetta shares how she broke free of addiction to raise her grandchildren.

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