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What will foster parenting be like?

The goal of foster care is to keep children safe and supported while their family works toward reunification. This eight-minute video covers why foster parents are are encouraged to get attached to children in their care while helping them strengthen their relationship with their parents.


Who are foster parents?

Being a foster parent requires compassion for children and their families. This nine-minute video dispels myths about who can be a foster parent and gives a brief overview of the home study and licensing process.


Who are the kids in foster care?

The greatest need is for school-age children, sibling groups, and teens. This nine-minute video gives an overview of why children enter foster care and what happens when older youth age out.


What is foster care?

More than 400,000 kids in the U.S. are in foster care today. This five-minute video gives an overview about why children enter foster care and the role foster parents can have in giving them a safe, temporary home.


There’s life after aging out of foster care

After 10 years in foster care and aging out without a family, Brittney refuses to be defined by statistics and instead is following her dreams.

I let them read about who I am

After more than 10 years in foster care and aging out without a family, Bridgette was angry about what happened to her. Today as a foster parent, she believes God has given her story a bigger purpose.

Keeping children safe and loved through foster care

Tamika and Chris have been foster parents through Bethany for about four years, but they consider themselves not just foster parents, but a foster family.


Loving a child will change your life

When considering adoption, prospective parents may be looking (consciously or unconsciously) for a child who will “fit” their family. But waiting children in foster care need families who will make room for them and welcome them as they are.

Falling in love with Mallory

When Lisa Marie decided to adopt a teenager through foster care, she realized there was no guide for how to fall in love with her daughter.

3 tips for parenting teens from hard places 

Teens with a trauma history may be protecting themselves when they keep foster and adoptive parents at a distance. Try these tips to make a lasting connection.

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