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Tips for searching for birth family information in an international adoption

Discover how to search for birth family information in a way that respects and is sensitive to their desire for privacy.

An open adoption dilemma

What do you do when you receive an unexpected request for contact with your child?

Preparing for a birth father search

Discover helpful tips to help you begin your search for your birth father.

Talking to your kids about their adoption

Learn when to talk to your children about adoption and how to navigate tricky questions.

In our house, we talk about race

Every parent has deep fears about what could happen to their children. Parents of children of color have a whole other package of fears.

Family is not defined by bloodlines

Johnny's family didn’t talk specifically about adoption—not talking about it was the norm in those days.

No longer abandoned

Adult adoptee Ryan wrestles with the word “abandoned” on his birth certificate.

Daring to be open

It wasn’t until Amanda heard a young adopted teen speak about her open adoption experience that she really started changing the way she was thinking about it.

An adoptee's perspective on open adoption

Most of us spend our youth asking: Who am I? Melania was no different.

The decision of a lifetime

Christal shares her experience of placing her daughter in an open adoption.

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