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Why is my tween acting like a much younger child?

Adoptive parents may experience anxiety when unusual behavior appears in their adopted adolescent child. But it’s common. As long as the journey is more forward than backward, you’re moving in the right direction.

Faith for the long journey

There are no guarantees when raising children, and I've learned to let go of some of my expectations and love my children no matter what.

When kids aren’t ready to receive your love

While you may be drawn to fostering to love a child, please realize some kids aren’t ready to be loved—not by a stranger.

Love is not enough, but it does not fail

As a first-time adoptive parent, Dr. Kimberly Offutt had an idealistic vision of what “happily ever after” would look like. As a foster care worker, she knew the need was great for teens with trauma history, and she thought she was ready. But love, it turns out, does not undo a child’s deep wounds.

Fostering is just being part of our family

Will and Colleen don’t do anything halfway. So when they said yes to foster parenting, it changed their whole lives.


"We can do this" — Trevor and Alyese's story

Adoption from foster care keeps three siblings together


Family. Faith. Philanthropy.

Jay's father taught him when he was young that to whom much is given, much is expected. After finding the path God had destined him and his wife for, they began teaching their own daughters the tradition of giving and use a DAF to make the most impact.

A journey to Grace and a gift of a lifetime

Lisa Marie's journey to adopt her daughter Grace gave her a calling to do even more to make a difference for teens who are waiting for adoption. She established the Grace Fund, a Bethany Endowment that will help find safe homes, loving families, and a chance to heal for teens who are at risk of aging out of foster care without the support of a permanent family.

Leaving a legacy of love

Use FreeWill to create a will for free, plan for the future, take care of loved ones, and leave a legacy.

Opening the conversation

As Brendan and Ciera considered adoption, they assumed they would adopt in birth order—meaning children younger than their two biological kids. But they were soon moved by the high rates of homelessness for teen boys in their community.

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