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Foster Care & Foster Care Adoption Info Meeting

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Bethany Christian Services believes that every child deserves a loving home, and your family can help be a part of that important mission! We’ve found that most people considering foster care have some big questions running through their mind, like:

How much does foster care cost?
Who will support me?
What does the ideal foster parent look like?
We have the answers to these questions and more - CLICK HERE 

Have you also wondered what it takes to be a GREAT foster parent? There may not be just one right way to be a foster family, but there are certain factors that can help every family become stronger for the children in their care. In particular, there are 5 Protective Factors that can help guide your readiness and planning to be become a foster parent at Bethany. These factors include parental resilience, social connections, knowledge of parenting & child development, concrete support in times of need, and social & emotional competence of children. Please CLICK HERE to read and understand more about the 5 Protective Factors for Strengthening Families, and know that Bethany will be there to help build these factors with you on this important journey! 

Feeling ready to take that first step and learn even more? Attend our Foster Care & Foster Care Adoption Orientation meeting by contacting Mallory (email below). During this meeting, we'll describe the current need for foster families in our community, what to expect in terms of caring for children in domestic and transitional foster care, and the foster home licensing process. The meeting will also discuss and introduce foster care adoption. We hope to see you there! 

Contact [email protected] for more info