Our work in Ghana

By keeping children with families and out of orphanages, we’re committed to strengthening families in Ghana. And when we sustain families, they build stronger communities.
2.8 million
people live on less than $2 a day

Protecting children and families

Poverty is a big reason why nearly 17% of Ghanaian children don’t live with their family and are forced to live in institutions. It's difficult to raise children when you struggle to meet their basic needs.

A Ghanaian mother hugs her young son while selling potatoes at the market

Family is essential

Decades of research emphasize that family is essential to a child’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. That’s why our first priority in Ghana is keeping children stable and safe with their family of origin. When that’s not possible, we find local foster families who can provide a loving home.

Your gift helps keep families together.

Help support Bethany's work in Ghana

For families raising children on less than $2 per day, meeting basic needs like nutritious meals, safe shelter, quality health care, and education can seem impossible. With your gift, we can change that—because children need families.


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