Adopt from Colombia

Intake to our international adoption program in Colombia has been closed

We’re going all-in, spearheading international efforts to change the emphasis from bringing children to the U.S. to finding adoptive families for children in their home countries. 

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Finding loving homes for children

We know that children grow best in loving, stable and safe families. When we're unable to find an adoptive family to adopt a child in Colombia, we invite families like yours to adopt them.

Due to a variety of factors, such as poverty and violence, more than 5,000 children in Colombia need a safe, loving home. We work closely with Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Famiciar (ICBF), the central authority for adoption in Colombia, and partner with private orphanages to help children find a loving home.

Colombia country requirements

Meet the children

Children available for adoption from Colombia have varying special needs. There are also sibling groups, typically with at least one teen, who need a loving family.

If you seek to adopt children under the age of 9, you should be prepared for more significant medical and developmental needs.

Families of Colombian heritage may be eligible to adopt a healthy child of any age, depending on the age of the prospective adoptive parents.