Advocate for families around the world

Inspired by our faith, we believe children and families around the world deserve to be loved, connected, and safe.
140 million orphans

Vulnerable children around the world

Research shows that children thrive when they belong to a loving family. So, rather than placing children in orphanages, we are committed to helping children stay in their families or find permanency in new families.

ethiopian mother helps her young son drink from a mug outside their home

Empowering local communities

Foster care, adoption, and family strengthening programs should replace orphanages around the world. We must empower communities to lead their own change.

Explore the U.S. Action Plan for Children in Adversity around the world.

“It’s time to change how we respond to the Global Orphan Crisis. Let’s usher in real change by striving for a solution that doesn’t have four sturdy walls: families.”

- Kristi Gleason, vice president of global programs