How do I give my baby up for adoption?

What if you didn't actually have to give up your baby? What if you could have a relationship with your child?

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Woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy talks with pregnancy counselor about how to give a baby up for adoption.

Considering adoption?

You have many options for your child, but if you’re considering adoption, you’re in the right place. We help thousands of expectant parents every year—of all ages and backgrounds—and empower them to make an adoption plan.

Explore adoptive families

We have many families, individuals, and couples who are approved to adopt a child through Bethany. They have each written a letter to share with you why they’re interested and what their lives look like. You can think through the type of family you’d like to raise your child.

Woman who gave her baby up for adoption visits with adoptive family

Think about your adoption plan

If you choose adoption, you’ll have the power to influence how often, and in what ways, you will connect with your child’s adoptive family. Most women today choose open adoption, where they make an agreement with their child’s adoptive parents to maintain contact and develop a lasting relationship.

But it’s up to you to decide how much contact, if any, you want with your child’s adoptive family.

Read real stories

Read real stories

Do you want to make an adoption plan?

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