Help your child process trauma

Children who have experienced trauma deserve support. In Georgia, the ADOPTS program helps address traumatic events for children who have been adopted or are in foster care, equipping them with coping skills so they, and their families, can thrive.

The history and success of ADOPTS

ADOPTS offers a research-based, adoption-specialized, trauma-focused treatment to equip children with tools to develop healthier coping skills. Bethany’s therapists support children and their parents with education and caring intervention to help each family thrive—not just survive.

ADOPTS can help your child cultivate skills to:

  • Develop healthy expressions of emotions
  • Understand the effects of past trauma
  • Increase capacity to form healthy attachments
  • Build personal strengths and self-identity

Since 2004, ADOPTS has served more than 700 children and parents. The model was developed based on the nationally recognized A.R.C. model out of the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Center Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Bethany is an industry leader in facilitating ADOPTS.

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