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There are more than 8,000 children currently in foster care in the state of Tennessee. When a child is removed from their home, their world feels out of control. They need to know they're safe during one of the most vulnerable times of their life. You can make a difference. As a therapeutic foster parent, you can give a child a safe, loving home while they wait to be reunified with their family.

FAQs on becoming a foster parent

What is therapeutic foster care?

Therapeutic foster care provides safe and nurturing care to a child or youth in a more structured home environment than typical foster care. While each case is unique, a child may be placed in therapeutic foster care if they have frequent medical appointments, an intensive history of traumatic experiences, or more severe trauma behaviors.

What is the difference between therapeutic foster care and traditional foster care?

Therapeutic foster parents receive additional training to help prepare them for the needs of children entering their home — they also receive additional support from their Bethany team.

What’s the most common age for children and youth in foster care referred to Bethany?

The age range for Bethany is 7 to 17. A child may be younger than 7 if part of a set of siblings. The greatest need is foster parents for older children and teenagers.

How much does it cost to be a foster parent?

Foster parents receive a monthly, tax-free stipend. While the amount varies by state, most foster parents report it covers necessary expenses like food, clothing, and school supplies.

You will still discover additional out-of-pocket costs, which is why we recommend foster parents seek community resources and family support.

I really want to adopt. Is there a way I can adopt the child I foster?

The goal of foster care is for the child to be reunited with their biological family. Sometimes, a child is not able to reunite with their family. If that occurs, usually the foster parent can adopt the child.

I’m not married. Can I be a foster parent as a single person?

Yes. People from all walks of life can foster. Bethany encourages all foster parents to have a great support system and community of people around them.

“My foster parents welcomed me when no one else would. I finally felt like I belonged.”

- Teenager in foster care

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