Help Afghan refugees

Thousands of Afghans are fleeing violence and oppression. You can help them as they begin a new life in the U.S.

Bethany is welcoming Afghan refugees who have fled their country in the wake of the Taliban’s rise to power and the U.S. military’s withdrawal. Bethany is projected to resettle over 1000 Afghan refugees in different communities across the country and we urgently need your help. Here’s how you can open your arms to Afghan refugees:


Your support will help provide food, shelter, and more for Afghan refugees fleeing violence.

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If you live near one of our refugee resettlement programs, we need your help! See if a Bethany location is near you.

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Pray with us for the vulnerable children and families.

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Give now

Your support will help provide food, shelter, and more for Afghan refugees fleeing violence.


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How to help Afghan refugees

We are currently resettling Afghan refugees in the following areas:

Michigan: Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, Muskegon

Pennsylvania: Allentown, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

California: Fresno, Modesto

Georgia: Athens

Several other resettlement areas are waiting for government approval. Please check this page often and follow us on social media for updates.

If you live near one of our refugee resettlement programs, we need your help! Individuals, churches, and other groups can welcome and serve Afghan refugees in a variety of ways:

  • Help a refugee adjust to their new community by offering rides, childcare, and support.

  • Open your home or other safe residence to a family of refugees in need of emergency housing.

  • Provide employment opportunities for refugees at your workplace.

Thank you to everyone who has donated household goods to newly arrived refugees! Our storage areas are completely full of supplies. Our biggest need right now is gift cards to grocery stores near our resettlement areas, or to national chains like Walmart and Target. These cards can be send directly to a Bethany branch on the list above.

Amazon wish lists

You can also purchase items on an Amazon wish list assembled by our local branches. The purchased items are shipped directly to the branch. (If you purchase wish list items, please fill out the form below and check the box marked "Purchasing items on Amazon wish list" so that our local staff can contact you and say thanks!)

Frequently asked questions 

Are Afghan refugees vetted before they arrive?

Every Afghan refugee referred to us has undergone a thorough security screening by the Department of Homeland Security as part of the resettlement process.

Can I adopt an Afghan refugee child?

Afghan refugee children are not legally eligible for adoption. If you’re interested in providing a safe and loving foster home to unaccompanied refugee minors, sign up to learn more about our refugee foster care program.

What if I don’t live near one of your resettlement areas?

No matter where you live, we welcome your financial support. It’s the quickest way to assist Afghan refugees. You can also check out this map of refugee resettlement agencies around the U.S. to find an agency near you.

How can my church co-sponsor a refugee family?

Churches can play a vital role in walking alongside refugees as they adjust to their new lives. Volunteers from your church can welcome and care for a newly arrived individual or family. This often includes being a tour guide to the local area, helping with transportation, providing child care when needed, helping them practice English, and just being a good friend and neighbor in any way they need.

You can volunteer with a local Bethany resettlement location or contact a resettlement agency near you.

Sign up to serve Afghan refugees

Let us know where and how you can serve, and we’ll connect with you as soon as we can. Please understand that each resettlement area has different needs. Our local staff will let you know the most urgent needs in your area.


Pray with us

God’s heart is for the downtrodden, desperate, and vulnerable (Matthew 25:40). As we watch the distressing news out of Afghanistan, let’s fall on our knees in prayer for God’s Kingdom to come. Here are specific ways you can pray:

  • Pray that those still awaiting evacuation in Afghanistan would be able to escape and be protected from violent attacks by the Taliban and other militants.

  • Pray that the U.S. government would make wise and humane decisions in a complicated and difficult situation.

  • Pray that Afghan refugees would be welcomed and supported in their new homes and that they would find help to heal from the trauma of this experience.

  • Pray that Afghan women and other vulnerable people groups would be protected from violence and abuse as the Taliban takes control of the country.

  • Pray that Afghan Christians would be safe from persecution and that the gospel would spread, even in a hostile environment.

Help vulnerable children and families

Your support makes an immediate difference for Afghan allies and refugees. Your gift will be used to create the greatest impact for refugees around the world seeking safety, love, and connection.

Read more about our work with refugees from Afghanistan and around the world

Read more about our work with refugees from Afghanistan and around the world