Bethany's global consulting services

Helping organizations transition from orphanages to family-based care solutions.

Why we offer consulting services

All children have a right to grow up in loving families — not institutions or orphanages. That’s why partners and governments invite us to help build quality family-based care programs around the globe.

What your organization can expect to receive

Serving as technical experts, Bethany’s staff consults with partner organizations as they grow in their communities. We generally work with teams hoping to transition their programming from institutional care to family-based care. Some partners work with Bethany until they’re ready to implement on their own, while others establish Bethany as their managing partner.

When you work with Bethany, you’ll receive:

  • Program evaluation and assessment

  • Guidance on stakeholder engagement

  • Program design and development

  • Creation of processes and tools

  • Grant management assistance and reporting

  • Capacity building and training for the organizational workforce, government agencies, churches, and partner organizations

  • Reporting

  • Workforce mentorship

Meet Our Team

Catherine Lafler
Sebilu Bodja
Isaac (Yeboah) Agyei
Yohana Berhanu Kebede
Corrie Sjoblom

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