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We’re committed to protecting children from labor trafficking—because they deserve to be loved, not exploited.

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Fighting modern-day slavery

Around the world, over 17 million children have been forced into modern-day slavery. At Bethany, we’re responding to this crisis by preventing children from being trafficked, rescuing child slaves, helping them heal, and fighting the systems that exploit them.

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We’re collaborating with governments to strengthen laws against trafficking and exploitation, as well as advocating for the enforcement of existing laws. We’re opening centers for survivors, to help them heal and thrive. And we’re working to reunite them with their families or finding temporary homes for younger children when necessary. For older youth, we provide vocational training so they can be self-sufficient as they move into adulthood.

Our fight against child labor trafficking is just beginning. We’re committed to making a difference—because children deserve to be loved, not exploited.

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The journey of a child trafficked for labor

Keep children safe

You can help prevent children from being trafficked and fight the systems that exploit them.


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